Friday, September 30, 2005

Rueben Oliver's Estate Survey 1838

Rueben Oliver’s Property Plat 1838 The Above Plat represents a tract of land belonging to the Estate of Ruebin Oliver Dec’d. situated on South Country Line Creek containing 683 3/10 acres. Lot’s No. 1 and No. 2 are laid off and assigned to Nancy Oliver widow of the late Rueben Oliver Dec’d. as her dower in said tract of land. Surveyed and laid off November 22nd 1838 By: Henry Bushnell C.C.S. State of North Carolina} Caswell County} We whose names are hereunto annexed having been summoned by the Sheriff of said County to lay off and assign to Nancy Oliver widow of the late Rueben Oliver Dec’d. dower on the lands of her late husband aforesaid submit the following report (To Wit) That on the 22nd day of November 1838 we met at the late residence of the deceased accompanied by Henry Bushnell the County Surveyor and after having been duly sworn according to Law proceeded to the Performance of duty aforesaid and having viewed the lands, late the property othe the deceased aforesaid, and examined a plat of the same furnished us by the said Surveyor we considered it impracticable to do equal Justice to the Parties Concerned and lay off said dower including the mansion House in one connected tract. We therefore adopted what we believed the most equitable plan and have laid off and assigned to the widow in two Separate Lots Yet sufficiently connected by the road to_____ tolerable convenience which lots are described on the plat hereunto annexed and are bounded as follows. Viz: Lot No. 1 including the mansion House beginning at a Spanish Oak corner with Durette Oliver, running thence West thirty two chains and twenty links to Pointers, thence South twenty six chains fifty links to a Red Oak, thence East thirty three chains sixteen links to a Pine Stump and Pointers, Corner with Kimbro, thence North twenty six chains and fifty links to the first station containing Eighty Seven and 9/10 acres. Lot No. 2 Beginning at a Gum, Corner with William Kimbro, running thence N. 85o E. 13.64 to a Hickory, thence S. 45o E. 3 chs. 10 links to a stake, thence N. 88 3/4o East fifteen chains twenty four links to a Walnut Sprout, thence S. 65o East eight chains sixty five links to a Sycamore Stump, thence S. 10o East one chain seventy five chains crossing the south fork of the Creek to a Stake, thence N. 50o East 2 chains sixty three links to a Sugar tree, thence N. 28o East six chains thirty links, thence N. 43o East five chains seventy three links to a Walnut Stump in the road, thence with road crossing the Creek Northwesterly fourteen nineteen links to a Stake in the road, thence N. 64o West 6 chains to a Stake near a rock, thence South 51o West two chains eighty links to a Gum Stump, thence North forty five degrees West thirty sevev chains to a Stake by the side of the road, thence South seventy three and a half degrees West ten chains twenty links to the first Station, Containing One Hundred and Thirty Nine and 8/10 acres. All of which is respectfully submitted. Given under our hands and seals this 22nd day of November 1838. William Kimbro (Seal) Goodwin Evans (Seal) Thos. Burton (Seal) Berry Evans (Seal) Joseph Aldridge (Seal) William Fullington (Seal) John Corbett (Seal) Philip Hodnett (Seal) Henry Hooper (Seal) Elijah Graves (Seal) Josiah Page (Seal) Henry Willis (Seal) State of North Carolina} Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Caswell County} January Court 1839 The within report of Jury who were summoned to lay off to Nancy Oliver, Dower in the lands of her deceased husband, was duly returned to Court. Considered of and Confirmed by the Court and on motion ordered to be registered. Test. Paul A. Haralson Clk. North Carolina} Caswell County} May 8th 1840 The foregoing report was this day duly registered. Alex McCain RR